Have you started planning your Memorial Day Weekend?

Okay Memorial Day weekend is over a month away, so you haven’t started planning yet and you’ll start thinking about it the weekend before or maybe days before or your going on the same trip you go on every year. Whatever your plans or not plans are, I suggest checking out the Memorial weekend festivities in downtown Russell, Pa! They have so many fun activities planned for the whole family to enjoy.

As a kid growing up we always went to what was then the Russell Jubilee. Our fun filled day started in the morning with the parade, then games and chicken BBQ at the fire hall, then we would go home and get rest for my favorite part the street dance and in my opinion the best fireworks show around. It is the perfect little town event. Unfortunately the event fizzled out, which made me really sad I wanted to be able to take my kids to enjoy all the fun and memories that I got to experience as a kid. I took my son to the parade the last year they put it on, it was so sad and pitiful. The good thing was we were running late and we had no problem finding parking and finding a prime curbside spot. But it was very sad to see how such a memorable event from my past had just died. But luckily this year the ROAR (Revitalization of Akeley and Russell) committee is bringing this event back! And I am proud to be a part of it! Right now I’m working had to plan to perform in the parade, making tons of hoops for vending, planning activities for a kids Hoop event and finding the courage to perform at the street dance with my LED Hoop. 

I’m hoping to help make this event a huge success and see it go on for many years to come, so I can enjoy making memories with my kids. Also I would love to see a sense of community, stores and families come back to this wonderful little town.

Come check out the many amazing activities planned in Russell, Pa for the Memorial weekend event! 

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