Sugar Groves Girl Scout Hoop Dancers

Massive amount of hoops awaiting tape.

In the last weeks I've been working very hard to get together roughly 40 hoops for the girl scouts, Daisy's through Cadets. Its the most hoops I've ever assembled at anyone time. I've learned a lot about mass producing hoops and even ways to improve my process doing just one at a time.

I met with the girls this last Monday to help them in their decorating process. Next Monday I will take them on their first Hoop Dance journey.

I've been really looking forward to these two weeks since their troupe leader mentioned the idea to me months ago. I really think starting this journey with the Girl Scouts is going to help me reach my hoop dreams. And I hope to inspire some of these girls to love this activity as much as I do.

#GirlScouts #HoopDance #HulaHooping #Community

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